Editing phase

I was beginning to think this wasn’t really real! Maybe I had been scammed! But alas, as promised, my edited version finally arrived via email!!

With trepidation, I opened the email. How bad was it going to be? I quickly read through the letter, and scanned my book. Then I had to re-read the letter, to crack the editing code.They did the edits in color. One color meaning dialogue, another as editor notes, gray for suggested deletion and so forth. It wasn’t bad. In fact, I really liked their thoughtful suggestions! Some I agreed with, some I wasn’t so sure. But I did like their suggestions to enhance a couple characters, and add another. That addition provided some real consternation, on my part, but I succeeded by adding an epilogue. I don’t know where that idea came from, somewhere in the hidden recesses of my brain, but I do say, it was the perfect solution! I am so happy that my brain still works, at least when I really need it.

Unfortunately, they wanted it back right away, and I was heading out of state, so I had to really focus, and get it done, quickly. On top of that, the cover department also contacted me, and wanted my ideas, support materials and other info, in 3 days!

Wait, wait,wait, then crunch, crunch, crunch!! But I did it. The result is a much stronger story, and a better ending. I hope you all will agree.

Now wait till you see the cover!! to be cont………..

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