A Magnificent Dogwood Protectively Covers Her Broken Headstone

A Broken Headstone

Rosewood Cemetery, Elizabeth, NC, 2010

Fairy Bright


I am not really here, of course, although sometimes I feel the need to visit. This peacefully tranquil area is serenely beautiful. The gentle rolling grounds are filled with majestic flowering trees, and spectacular rosebushes in rich, luscious colors creating the most heavenly perfume. The well-tended grounds are dotted with many other fragrant flowers and bushes that wind along the road and cascade down the velvety hills. The vibrant colors are a delight, a feast for the eyes and a bouquet for the nose. Some of the trees are older than me. They reach upward like pillars supporting the heavens and then thrust downward to strengthen the earth. They have heard and seen so many events in their long life that for those that can hear, they have fantastic stories to tell. I should know. I have heard them.

There are many interesting stories buried in these grounds. Most may soon be forgotten if they are not forgotten already, like my own story for instance. As I look about, I do not think of those things. I see the beauty in life. When the cherry trees are in bloom, the whole area seems to be reborn, buzzing with the fresh opening of a brand-new spring. Songs from numerous types of birds can be heard from all over the grounds, creating a symphony of pure joy in life. Then the hummingbirds arrive and flit from one flower to another. I love their high-pitched twitter. They tease and chase each other around endlessly. They are really my beloved fairies in disguise! I remember the tricks and the games they play. I used to play them too. As I gaze across the grounds again, I drink in the vibrant, majestic colors of the azaleas, the dogwoods, and the luscious cherry trees. They almost take my breath away! Okay, they do not really take my breath away. They cannot. Because, I am actually beyond breathing.

Excerpt From Broken Stone: A Real Fairy’s Tale – Chapter One

This came across my radar screen, and I just couldn’t resist sharing! Fairies, Fairies, everywhere!!

Fairies, Fairies, Everywhere!!

~ We are finally seeing it happen all around us.  Old systems are crumbling, the truth is emerging (slowly, but definitely surely), and one by one the people are finally beginning to take notice.  As the Veil of Forgetfulness gets thinner and thinner, people will also begin observing and sensing something else;  the clear and very real presence of their un-incarnated family and friends.  They take a fascinating variety of forms!  Lovely Angelics;  Light Beings presenting themselves as delicate and colorful Orbs;  Galactic Brethren-so much like us ,yet of a much lighter vibration;  the Sacred Cetaceans, so playful and happy;  the list is endless, and I could go on and on for hours!  Today, however, it’s all about the Elemental Realm and in particular, the Fairies.

~ I’ve drawn today’s card from the Angel Therapy deck, and it is entitled “Fairies.”  There is so much to say about Fairies, and I know that there are many of you out there who are far more knowledgeable about them than I am.  So for now I’m going to focus only on the meaning of the card and the message which is coming through to me as I write.  This card is bringing attention to our natural bond with Gaia and the Elemental Realm.  It is reminding us that we came here to Earth to be of assistance to Her, in addition to any other duties we agreed to perform.  It’s really easy to lose sight of this fact sometimes.  As Lightworkers we are becoming more and more conscious of our missions.  We are writers, healers, speakers, system-busters…  But in addition to these roles, we also – without exception – agreed to come in as Earthly custodians.  We are Gaia’s Army!

~ The Fairies wish to remind us that we must each take personal responsibility for the health and recovery of our planet.  They are encouraging us to be eco-conscious with each decision we make.  This may be done by being selective in the products we buy, the manner in which we prepare our food and dispose of our trash, how we educate our children and the example we set in our community.  They wish to make you more aware of their own presence.  They would dearly like to connect with you and share their invaluable wisdom!

images~ To make contact with the Fairy Realm, you need only step outside your front door!  The Fairies are absolutely everywhere in Nature, and as I type this they are quick to step in and say “You don’t need to go outdoors to find us.  We are in your homes, surrounding your houseplants and the animals. We are working to purify your water supply.”  Try connecting during meditation, or simply close your eyes and allow a message or a vision to take shape.  The Fairies are right beside us.  They are here in our physical world, living among us and assisting us in ways they we are not even aware of.  Their close proximity makes them exceptionally accessible, and somewhat easier for a beginner to see and hear than many of our Galactic and Angelic Guides.  Take a walk out in Nature and focus your gaze upon the flowers and they trees.  Hold your attention there and allow the connection to take place.  Bring a notebook and pen with you and record any impressions that you get.  The Fairies are also Master Manifesters!  They are anxious to help you bring your creative ideas to fruition!

As I mentioned before, I know that a lot of my readers are already actively working with the Fairies on a regular basis, and I would love for you to share your wisdom with us in the Comment section.  Have a magical day…  Bella.

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Bonus! Not only are there Illustrations inside the book, but Lyrics from the CD are inside – as well!

“I’ve passed this way before

While driving down a lonely road

I’ve imagined myself in another time

Maybe one that occurred long ago

20,000 years ago


These magical daydreams enrich my life

They keep me sane while I’m out on my own

It’s the feeling that I get remembering what it felt like

Its’ the comfort of an old worn soul


I’ve thought this all along

Like it’s something that I’ve always known

Life’s more fun while you’re on your way

You might arrive, but you can’t call it home

You’ve arrived, but you’re not really home”

Steffen’s Song – Broken Stone Suite

Enjoy listening to Chris’s Original  Song –