One day, well actually two days, a chance meeting occurred in the mid 1900’s, and the latter 1900’s, in which two artisans met and fell in love. She was an artist specializing in pastel portraiture along with her career, and he was a professional that played music on the side.


Another day in 2010, he came home with a story. While walking through the city cemetery, he was drawn to the poor section or potter’s field, to one particular broken headstone. At home that night, he told his wife the story. The broken headstone read – Fairy Bright Gordon – 1917 – 1934,  Mother’s Darling…Asleep in Jesus. He said it almost inspired a song. She said, it was time to get back into song writing. 


She was so inspired by the intrigue of this young girl’s short life, that a book and illustrations were created. It became a three year journey through the publishing, and computer world to bring forth this tale of a man in current time, who’s life was turned upside down and inside out as the spirit of a young Fairy Bright became his confidant, mentor and tormentor forcing him to question all he thought he knew about himself, spirituality and the world.


Now is the time that Fairy Bright can be re-born and her story told, at least in the way that  we have surmised. You will also discover her portrait inside the book as to what she looked like, as was imagined through Nancy.

Please enjoy this co-created effort between Nancy and Chris and Fairy. May you receive the love in which it was created.

2 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Nancy,
    I purchased this book on 8/7/13 at Tavern 24 in Gastonia — Chris was playing there —
    Finally read the book and really enjoyed it — Really made me sink deep within me for some answers to questions and actions —
    I humbly thank you for writing this —
    Allen Roderick

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