Editing phase

I was beginning to think this wasn’t really real! Maybe I had been scammed! But alas, as promised, my edited version finally arrived via email!!

With trepidation, I opened the email. How bad was it going to be? I quickly read through the letter, and scanned my book. Then I had to re-read the letter, to crack the editing code.They did the edits in color. One color meaning dialogue, another as editor notes, gray for suggested deletion and so forth. It wasn’t bad. In fact, I really liked their thoughtful suggestions! Some I agreed with, some I wasn’t so sure. But I did like their suggestions to enhance a couple characters, and add another. That addition provided some real consternation, on my part, but I succeeded by adding an epilogue. I don’t know where that idea came from, somewhere in the hidden recesses of my brain, but I do say, it was the perfect solution! I am so happy that my brain still works, at least when I really need it.

Unfortunately, they wanted it back right away, and I was heading out of state, so I had to really focus, and get it done, quickly. On top of that, the cover department also contacted me, and wanted my ideas, support materials and other info, in 3 days!

Wait, wait,wait, then crunch, crunch, crunch!! But I did it. The result is a much stronger story, and a better ending. I hope you all will agree.

Now wait till you see the cover!! to be cont………..

Promo copy for the back of the book.

It has been said that we should not know the future, as it could scare us to death!

Little did Steffen know one ordinary day during an ordinary walk through the cemetery, that his future was about to be profoundly changed! He did not know that she was waiting for him, beside her broken headstone. She called to him, with her siren song that only he could hear.  Hypnotically, he followed the song to her forgotten, broken  gravesite. Hackles rose on his neck as he contemplated her name and date: Fairy Bright Gordon,  1917-1934. Was this eerie feeling a premonition of things to come?

So begins the story Broken Stone: A Real Fairy’s Tale. It tells the tale of a young woman in the early 1900’s that lived a short mysterious life. Someone needed to hear her story so that her early death would not have been in vain.  That someone was Steffen, a modern day architect that frequently walked on his lunch hour as a quiet break from his stressed-filled days.  Unsuspecting, he could not know that Fairy Bright would become his confidant, mentor and tormentor, turning his life upside down and inside out as he questioned all he thought he knew about himself, spirituality and the world. He could not be prepared for the extraordinary, bizarre turns this and other strange encounters would provoke, forcing either his enlightenment or early demise!

The Beginning of an Adventure

Little did we know that fateful day, Fairy Bright’s broken headstone would beckon us into her short life, and change ours forever.
She became our mentor, tormentor and spiritual healer as we pondered the tale of her life in the early 1900′s.
We brought stories and songs out of our beings, surpassing anything that we had accomplished before. Now, finally, after three years, we are in the process of publishing our tale with Tate Publishing, so that she can finally speak.

Fairy Bright, we have birthed you into life yet again, so that all may receive spiritual, divine healing as we have.

Thank you, Dearest Fairy Bright. Your life was not in vain.